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My name is Matthias Lunz, and you're visiting my private website, including a photoblog. I'm a self-taught amateur photograph, who likes to shoot photos since there are digitalkameras around.
I'm a 47 year old german teacher for children with learning disabilities living in Amberg, Germany. I am married to Tine and together we have a daughter Lina (*2006) and a son Leo (*2008).
I've been creating websites since 1998 on a number of sites.
These are my current projects...

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Matthias Lunz

Stockaecker 12
92224 Amberg

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My Projects

gpaed.de - die G-Community gpaed.de - At the beginning of my work as a teacher for mental handicapped children I launched the g-community. The idea of a download portal with lessons for special teachers came to me, when I was working very long on only one lesson without progress.

gblog - online magazine for special teachers gblog - information sources for special teachers are rare on the internet. That is why I started an online magazine for special teachers in 2008. Obviously open for nonspecial teachers, too ;-)


SFZ Sulzbach-Rosenberg SFZ Sulzbach-Rosenberg - In 2003 my former headmaster asked me, if I'm interested in planning and creating the school website. Until today the website of the Förderzentrum Sulzbach-Rosenberg is one of my duties as a teacher.

Ich bin im Garten Website about my garden - I'm publising photos in this gallery since 2017. Let's see what the future brings.